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Sylaby 2013:


General Medicine and Dental Medicine
Winter term Summer term
General Medicine General Medicine
Dental Medicine Dental Medicine



Summer semester 2013-2014:


Summer semester 2013-2014
Study materials CNS



Pedagogic texts I.:


Pedagogic texts I.
History of Physiology, HELSINKI CONVENTION, The heart, Circulation (Vessels)




Questions for the students':


Questions for oral exam



Question for exam from practical lession:


Question for exam from practical lession 



Exam from Physiology:


Exam consists of writting of the 100 question test from physiology in duration of 1,5 hour and oral exam.

Maximal number of points is 400 – each question is evaluated by 4 points. It successful writing is condition to oral examination.


Evaluation test:

      400 – 380 points - A excellent

      379 – 360 points - B very good

      359 – 330 points - C good

      329 – 310 points - D satisfactorily     

      309 – 280 points - E sufficiently

      279 points <       -  Fx failed