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2nd International Student Medical Congress in Košice

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List of the accepted abstracts for oral presentation
List of the accepted abstracts for poster presentation


Dear friends, participants, all our scientific and non-scientific supporters,

The aim of ISMCK`10 is to strengthen the international network for scientific collaboration as well as linking of different nations and cultures. All young scientists working in the fields of medicine, public health, dentistry, pharmacology and biomedical sciences are invited. ISMCK`10 offers students, PhD students and young doctors an opportunity to present their research and to exchange ideas on topics through oral or poster presentations in categories:
Basic Science,
Clinical Medicine,
Public Health
PhD students’ works

You are more than welcome to share here your scientific and non scientific ideas, subjects and opinions !!!
In less than 30 days will start ISMCK 2010. We can´t wait to meet you all!

Organizing Committee of ISMCK 2010


Official Congress Poster can be downloaded here:
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Official Congress Logo can be downloaded here:
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